A Friendly Recommendation…

Do you attend church? Many don’t because the sermons are boring and don’t relate to your real life, too many churches seem more interested in your money than you and the members are not very friendly. Attending church should be enjoyable!

I would like to recommend the Connersville church of Christ which meets on the north side of Connersville just off Waterloo Road. We are a friendly and happy group of friends who enjoy worshipping God and sharing with one another.

At the Connersville church of Christ you will:

  • Meet new friends and get to know your neighbors
  • Hear positive practical encouraging messages each week
  • Enjoy uplifting songs, powerful prayers & meaningful worship
  • Find help for your family, your marriage & yourself

Come and be my special guest this Sunday at 10:00 AM. Give us a try!

Your neighbor,
Wayne Greeson

Weekly Church Bulletin

The Extraordinary Life is our weekly church bulletin. You can download the back issues in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and they will print out perfectly on your printer!

Free Bible Tracts

We have a series of Bible tracts that you can download and are free to reprint for distribution.

Debates On Bible Topics

Our preacher, Wayne Greeson, has engaged in several public debates on Bible topics. We are pleased to off some of these debates here on our Web site so you can download them for further study.

Sermon Outlines

Some of Wayne Greeson's sermon outlines are also available for you to download and print.

Schedule Of Services / Map

Here you will find our schedule of services and a map to our meetinghouse.